What Is Discovery Marketing?

We use the term Discovery Marketing to describe our approach to combining a number of offline and online marketing channels into one analytics-based practice to improve your business. SEO matters, social media matters, email marketing matters, print marketing matters… but most importantly combining all of these really matter to providing quantifiable results for your business, church, non-profit or community group.


Handcrafted Marketing

Harrelson Agency specializes in helping large or small businesses, churches, community orgs, and non-profits spread their messages. We do this through a combination of channels in both traditional “offline” marketing as well as online marketing. We help companies large and small, regional and national create more effective social media accounts, mailing campaigns, website designs, print and marketing materials, and search campaigns that provide real and quantifiable growth.


What We Do

Search and Discovery Optimization, Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Pinterest, YouTube Ads, SoundCloud Podcasting Optimization and Content Creation), App Development (Android and iOS), SEO and Paid Search, Affiliate Program Management, Print (Newspaper Creative, Copy, Information Brochures, Printing of Marketing Materials) and Video (YouTube Campaigns and Productions, Facebook Video, Vimeo, Network Television, Roku Channels)


Want to solve your marketing problems?

We’re here to help build a long-lasting foundation for your businesses’ success.

1320 Main St #300 Columbia, SC 29201 (803) 724-1311


Problem Solving

We’re a full service marketing agency working with companies and community groups to do better online marketing, print advertising and social media.

If you know you need a better website, social media plan, search advertising campaign, print materials or promotional videos, we’re here to help.

Our team, based in the Carolinas, prides itself in our abilities to work closely with teams and groups of all sizes to provide solutions to tough marketing problems.


Attention to Details

Our marketing is done with great intent, care and attention to detail all by hand.

Whether we’re building a new WordPress site for a community group, helping a multi-national company to streamline and optimize their Adwords spending or developing social media strategy for a small family business that actually moves visitors from interest to engagement to conversion, we love what we do.

Get in touch and see how we can help your business grow and have long-lasting impact and success.

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