Marketing Matters

Welcome to Harrelson Agency

We're a marketing agency based in Columbia, SC. From large corporations to small businesses, and educational institutions to religious institutions, our passion is to help you improve your message and get more out of your marketing.

We help churches, non-profits, and startups do better marketing.

Harrelson Agency works primarily with religious groups, community organizations, nonprofits, and startup businesses. We also do marketing consulting work with large corporations when there is an appropriate fit.

We work across different marketing channels to find the best solutions for your needs. Whether that’s traditional broadcast, focused social media networks, email campaigns, or a new website design, we’re here to improve your reach through better marketing.

Better Website Design

Your business or group’s website should reflect its unique style and culture while presenting a message that best fits its needs. We’ll help you discover that and create a modern site.

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Better Logos

Logos and branding are essential to successful marketing. Whether you need a brand new logo or a new set of ideas to move your business forward, we can help you execute.

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Better Consulting

Business coaching and consulting is one of our strongest offerings. Whereas marketing materials can improve your business, individualized coaching can make all the difference.

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Better SEO

Being discovered in search engines such as Google can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking to improve your local or international reach, we can help you get found.

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Better Social Media

Social media is an essential part of doing business online. That doesn’t mean that you need to spread your business thin. We’ll help you pinpoint the right networks to fit your needs.

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Better Online Marketing

By combining various facets of online marketing channels into one cohesive unit, we can help you more efficiently and more successfully market yourself across the web.

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